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Poweroid meets the video editing PC requirements of a wide range of customers: 

Option 1 - choosing a ready made package: Options of a budget video editing PC like the pre-built video editing PC systems we have in our product section. They usually come ready for both analogue and digital video editing. Simply choose a video editing PC, plug in, put on, and start editing.

Option 2 - choose a video editing PC and choose a video editing card: Choose any standard PC in our range and talk to us about adding a dedicated real-time video editing card and software

Professional: Why settle for a video editing PC when we offer a range of video editing dual processor, professional, turnkey workstations. Browse our products for a fast, feature-rich, stable video editing PC or video editing workstation 

If your requirements are unusual, we can build a video editing PC to your specific requirements (minimum order value may apply).

Why buy a video editing card instead of a firewire card?

You can indeed use just a firewire port and Windows Movie Maker. Cheap and cheerful. But you'll soon see how very, very limited that is. 

You could buy a video editing software package separately for as little as 50. It'll probably offer you a little more than the built in Windows package. Some of these software packages come free with cards like the Radeon All In Wonder graphics cards more. However, do note that there are incompatibilities. Not all video editing software works on all firewire ports. And even if yours does work it can't be taken for granted that the card + software will work with your video camera. More on video editing software >>

OHCI Compliancy: More from Microsoft >>

The main reasons for using a video editing card rather than a firewire card are speed, convenience, features, free bundled software that is a lot more powerful than the Windows program, versatility, no compatibility problems, and not having to hang about while your clip is being rendered. OK, we've already said speed, but it can't be emphasised enough. A firewire card would take ages to apply the simplest of changes even to a small, low resolution video clip, irrespective of the speed of the PC. Video editing cards on the other hand do "real time" processing i.e. they have dedicated electronics built into the card to handle just this type of task rather than relying on the computer's processor (which is a very general purpose piece of hardware, and therefore slower on video editing) to do the work.

ALSO, a much overlooked factor is quality. When you move up from a standard firewire card to a video editing card you'll be impressed by the difference in the quality of your clips.









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