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Definition: RAID data recovery is the salvaging of data originally stored on RAID configured media and which has become corrupt or inaccessible.

Data recovery from RAID systems and Hard Disks: Recovery of data from a RAID configuration can be a lot trickier than recovery from stand alone hard disks. RAID 0 and RAID 1 used together (RAID 0 + 1) and RAID 5 offer the best levels of protection. Of course with the simplest form of fault tolerance i.e. RAID 1 the second hard disk mirrors what's on the first one and should one of the hard disks go faulty the other one will seamlessly take over. In RAID 0 of course there is double the chance of losing your data. You need only one of the hard disks to go faulty and you won't be able to boot into your operating system.

However, there may be occasions when you need a specialist data recovery service. Instances are when the power to your hard disk has failed and you are unable to get it to spin. Unless you have an exact copy of that hard disk and are willing to roll your sleeves up and swap power units/motors on the drives and willing to take the chance of not mucking it up you would probably want to get a specialist in. Specialists will also often be able to recover data from

But data recovery doesn't of course only become necessary when there is a hardware fault. You could have deleted data, erased a file, or cleaned out your old emails. It's surprising what can actually be recovered from your hard disk or RAID array.

When choosing a RAID Data Recovery firm do choose one that offers a money back guarantee or, even better, a guarantee that you will not be charged if they aren't able to recover your data. Some data recovery companies also offer a free trial software that you can download and use to test your RAID array to see if there is any possibility of recovering data.

It's always good advice of course to backup, backup and backup. Plan for disasters rather than let disasters dictate terms to you.

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