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Information Technology Infrastructure Library

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library is an international standard in IT Services Management. It combines a set of best practices and a framework in which to manage the growth of the IT system in an organisation. IT Service Management focuses on the people, the processes & the technology issues that IT organisations face. It is targeted at CIOs and IT directors/managers/service providers.

How can your organisation benefit from meeting these standards?

The guidance from IRIL can reduce costs, improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and serve to demonstrate an organisation's commitment to following best practises. More detailed definition.

Available qualifications

Foundation Certificate
Practitioner's Certificate
Manager's Certificate


As the name suggests these are acquired at increasing levels of the organisation structure. The first provides a basic in the terminology, the second requires a keen understanding of the subject and the Manager's Certificate is for those who need to manage ITIL based solutions. Each requires the passing of an examination which examination is offered by various bodies. ITIL Training Institutes.

Other Standards: ISO 9000  |  ISO 17799



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