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Zalman TNN-500A Totally No Noise Case - Where to Buy


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The TNN 500A is one of a kind. It has a love it or hate it look but it does what it says on the box. It is impressive, it is unique, it is of superb quality and, most importantly, it is quiet, quiet, quiet. Is it worth the hefty price tag? Absolutely! If you value a no noise environment this is the ultimate no noise case for you.

Tom's hardware says:

"we were very impressed with the engineering effort that went into the design of the TNN 500A, we feel that it is one of the most impressive solutions that we have seen to date that addresses computing noise with an adequate cooling solution for the internal components....if you have a high requirement for an almost totally silent solution, it doesn't get much better than the TNN 500A"

This site says:

"Ja was soll man da noch sagen, ein Sahnestück der Superlative. Da bekomme ich feuchte Augen. Heatpipes (18 Stück!!) und Kühlkörper bis zum abwinken. Ruhe in Vollendeter Form da es ein in sich völlig geschlossenes Gehäuse ist. Das erste PC Gehäuse wo man auch die optischen Laufwerke dämmen und entkoppeln kann ! Mehr ist technisch nicht machbar! Leiser gehts nicht!"

I think they mean that they like it :-)

Google's translation of that page goes like this:

"cream of the superlative. ... I get damp eyes. Peace in completed form ...More is technically not feasible! More quietly it gets not!"

Geddit? says:

"So why is this case so special? Well, for starters it’s not beige, but much more importantly, it is completely noiseless ... With the complete removal of cooling fans it is truly a ground breaking product"

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Where to buy the case on its own:

UK: Quiet PC


PCs based on this case:


Canada: Canada's Silent PC Leader -

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Other reviews:

"We were impressed by the Poweroid 1200, which does its main job – near-silent operation – very well indeed....if you really need a quiet computer, then a PC built around the Zalman TNN 500A case - such as the Poweroid 1200 - is currently the state of the art" ZDNet

Tom's Hardware

And the funniest image of the Zalman TNN-500A No Fan Case (from the Zalman manual) :-)

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