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Our reputation for good honest advice is legendary and thousands of people visit this site from all over the world for the wealth of information, free online support and some simply great PC prices. Of course, as a company that has several UK records for performance PCs this site wouldn't be complete without our popular performance tips letting you into some secrets. Learn how we consistently beat the best known names in this business. Congratulations on finding this site, thank you for visiting, and we hope you find the site as useful as thousands of others have.

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Many companies claim to cut out the middleman. We, at Best Price Computers, actually do. We buy components in bulk, test them ourselves, assemble them & market them ourselves. We run our own quality tests, do our own RTB servicing, design our own advertisements and even maintain this website in-house. At no stage are we paying commissions to middlemen to sell our PCs for us. By dealing with us directly you save on all those commissions.

Caution: It has come to our attention that some dealers in the market are buying our PCs & selling them on at a profit. At the prices we charge there is potential for a mark-up. These dealers are NOT authorised by us. If you've found this site bookmark it and buy directly. There's no better way to the best price and the best value, which is what Best Price Computers is all about.



Poweroid are specialists in the manufacture of Quiet PCs, Video Editing Workstations and Dual Processor machines







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