Mind Mapping is a visual information management tool that enables us to structure, organize, memorize, arrange, brainstorm and learn information in a highly specialized way. How to mindmap


Mind mapping is a powerful technique allowing you to make the best use of your brain power...If seeing is believing, mind mapping software can help you and your business imagine a universe of ideas... More

A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea. It is used to generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas... More

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Mind Mapping Software

Definition: Mind maps are brainstorming diagrams based on a central idea or image, typically used to aid in organisation, problem solving and decision making. Mind maps use a non-linear graphical form that allows the user to build an intuitive framework around the central idea.


mapping the mind


mapping the mind


Mind Mapping applications are computer-based visualisation tools that allow users to build mind maps as an aid to problem solving.

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Concept of Mind Mapping

The concept of mind maps developed from the idea that traditional linear note taking methods stifle creative thought. By laying out ideas in a linear way (i.e., arranging concepts in a structured method) our minds are limited to left-brain thinking (logical, ordered, detail oriented). Mind mapping ostensibly encourages right-brain thinking (stream-of-consciousness, symbolic, ‘big picture’ oriented).

While these ideas may seem unconnected to business, they are actually central to a range of business management concepts that have developed in recent years – most notably, the concept of ‘thinking outside the box’.

Decision making methods such as mind maps, it seems, canMind Mapping encourage the sort of creativity necessary to see beyond the deeply ingrained methods of thought that have led to such things as the linear production line. They allow enterprises to discover new ways to refine business practices, and solve problems that previously seemed unsolvable.

Business Applications of Mind Mapping Software

While the concept of mind mapping can be applied to any situation that requires problem solving and organisational skills, there are several areas in which the technique can be an invaluable tool in business.

Mission Statement/Values

From day one a mind map can help lay out the initial strategy of an enterprise. While a successful enterprise must be based on a good idea, it will only achieve success if the management have a clear strategy for capitalising on that idea.

A mind map can be an excellent tool for developing the business plan of the enterprise, and understanding the values upon which it will be based. Starting with a central vision (i.e., a ‘best case’ image of the enterprise three or more years down the line), a mind map can be used to outline the methods by which that vision can be realised (i.e., strategies, programs and objectives).

New Product Development

Mind maps can also be invaluable in making sense of the hundreds of functions and processes necessary to successfully develop a new product and bring it to market.

Mind Mapping softwareEvery product begins with a central idea. Even before the physical product is envisioned there is a basic concept – the product should do this, or make that easier. Using that idea as the centre of a mind map, an enterprise can unlock the creativity of its designers and allow them to work through the problem of achieving the central goal.

Manufacturing/Supply Chain Management

One of the largest problems facing an enterprise involved in the manufacture of goods is in optimising the supply chain and manufacturing processes. While traditional linear thinking on process optimisation may stifle creativity, the use of mind maps can offer decision makers the opportunity to develop creative new methods – be it through finding new sources for materials, streamlining the manufacturing process itself or brainstorming better distribution methods.


Finally, mind maps can be of great use in the development of marketing strategies. The development of an effective marketing strategy depends greatly on the leverage of the assets of the enterprise as well as market-led considerations. The use of a mind map to outline the way in which the assets of a company are used to aid the marketing process can go a long way to creating a successful marketing plan.

Advantages of Mind Mapping Software Solutions

While the process of creating mind maps can be done withFree Mind Mapping Software nothing more than a piece of paper and a few coloured pens, many enterprises prefer to make use of the many open source (e.g. Freemind and ViewYourMind) and proprietary mind mapping applications available (such as MindJet and Mind Genius). Moving beyond the constraints of 2D mapping, many applications offer the feature of 3 dimensional intuitive mind maps that allow decision-makers to create more understandable visualisations.

In addition to the obvious graphical benefits of computer-based applications, mind mapping software offers enterprises the chance to make mind mapping a collaborative effort, sharing their mind maps with the members of a work group to take advantage of the knowledge and ideas held within that group.

Free Mind Mapping Programs

The following mind mapping programs were all opensource or freeware and available for free download at the time of compiling this list:

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Our recommended free download: Smartdraw