Winning Company, Choosing a Good PC Supplier, Award Winning Computer Company, UK's Top PC Store, Computer and PC Firms in the UK Computer and PC Firms in the UK Winning Company, Choosing a Good PC Supplier, Award Winning Computer Company, UK's Top PC Store, Computer and PC Firms in the UK  
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Winning Company, Choosing a Good PC Supplier, Award Winning Computer Company, UK's Top PC Store, Computer and PC Firms in the UK

The UK's Premier Supplier of Quality PCs

   About Best Price Computers Ltd

Best Price Computers Ltd is one of the UK's best kept secrets. Our original business was the supply of quality budget computer systems. While we still do these, the company has increasingly been winning awards for the Poweroid brand of PCs at the luxury and performance end of the market.

With our reputation for quality, and the numerous awards we receive from the PC magazines, we have established the company as one of the UK's major players with one major difference. We are not a rich multi-national corporation. We are a group of PC enthusiasts who've turned a hobby into a financially successful business.

We do not stock a wide range of software, or a wide range of peripherals. We don't sell a wide range of components, and don't stock assorted other IT products. But if you are looking for a quality budget PC, or a top notch performance monster, a server, a network or a graphics workstation you've come to the right place

Our Poweroid PC range targeted at the enthusiast market (and the more discerning customers) has given this company strong growth ahead of most other UK computer companies.

We take pride in the fact that it's not just the Best Price. We are quality certified to ISO 9002 & our legendary after sales service has earned us numerous kudos. In online forums, where customers discuss companies they've dealt with, we rank among the top 2-3 PC companies in the UK.

This page has answers to the 10 most common questions people have about us.


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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why us?


   Who are you?

Best Price Computers Ltd is known to our regular buyers as the company that offers unbeatable value for computer hardware. We are based in Wembley (near Northwest London) but supply computer hardware wholesale and retail all over Britain and several parts of Africa and Asia. 

Company name:


Best Price Computers Ltd


Address for mail:  7A Eldon Way Industrial Estate
Eldon Way
Great Britain
(44) 0870 22 00 444
(44) 0870 22 00 666
By email:
Contact Us
Company reg number:
3155571, established in 1995
Ltd company since:
Feb 1996
Vat Reg Number: GB 681 0331 61


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 How come I haven't heard of you?
Our rapid growth hasn’t been through a large advertisement and publicity campaign. We rely on our customers to spread the word of our unbeatable prices, our quality products and our dedication to service (see what they say). A large part of our sales comes from recommendations made by satisfied customers and rave reviews and awards from the press.


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 What is your main business?
Our primary business is the supply of quality, award winning machines, via phone/internet ordering. We stock a range of computers pre-built and ready for shipping. We do also several options on modifying/upgrading our models to your exact requirements.


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 How long have you been trading?

Best Price Computers was established in 1995 with a modest sale of two machines in the first month. Today we supply thousands of the most desirable PCs to locations all over the world. In Feb 1996 the company was registered as a Ltd company. In 1998 we achieved ISO 9002 certification as a recognition of our commitment to quality. In 2000 we started sending PCs in to UK computer magazines for review. In 2001 we won 25 awards from the limited 3-4 magazines we sent PCs to. In 2002 we moved to the Poweroid House location as part of our continued expansion.

We believe that our sound financial structure, excellent products, and commitment to service, will keep us around for many more years to come.

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 Why do people buy from you?

People who buy from us on a regular basis have come to realise that while we offer the Best Value, cost is not the only factor. We offer a professional, friendly, prompt and honest service with probably the best warranty in the entire industry.

Rock Solid Warranties*: Our warranty is one of the best in the industry. But don’t take our word for it - call us now on 0870 22 00 444 (UK code +44). See how long it takes to get a reply, and then try the Compaq, Time, Simply Computers, Evesham, & Dell support lines and see if they are open. Try it a few times, at different times of the week, preferably including a Saturday. You'll see what we mean.

Low Failure Rates: With our dedication to customer satisfaction we have one of the lowest rates of "returns" in the industry. 

Prompt Service on deliveries: Place an order with us and your machine will be despatched within 3 working days. If there is a stock shortage on an item we'll tell you before we take your order.

No Hidden Costs: We do not force you to buy bundled software. Joe public is now getting wise to "Free Software" offers. No games and other cheap software bundled with the PC. So you don't pay for what you don't need.

The Best Price: Of course when our customers save a few hundred pounds on a quality PC, that does serve as an incentive. 

Money Back Guarantee*: We are so confident that you will be absolutely delighted with any product bought from us that we will give you a "no-questions-asked" money back guarantee on mail order computer purchases. (Please note that computers built specifically  to your order are exempt) Simply return the goods to us undamaged and in original packing within 14 days of receipt, and we'll cheerfully give you a refund or credit. This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights. 

more good reasons


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 How good are your computers?

Reliability: Best Price Computers Ltd has a reputation for having one of the lowest failure rates of machines among ALL the mail order hardware computers sellers in the UK. Our strict selection procedure on purchases means that you get only reliable, quality computers with parts/components from respected, name-brand manufacturers. In fact we are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer you a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY on labour (first year includes parts). 

Quality Certification: Our strict quality tests on every computer we build earned us the ISO9002 quality certification. Most of the products we sell carry the CE mark as well, the European certification label. more info


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 What about your warranty?

Unbeatable cover: Everything we sell comes with a peace-of-mind warranty. By default our warranties are RTB which means they are Return To Base i.e. Wembley in North London, but we do provide the options of on-site warranties at very reasonable costs.

5 years on labour: All computers have a minimum of 12 months parts and labour warranty which means that if something goes wrong with your machine you will not be charged for either the part replaced, or the labour involved in doing the job. For a further 48 months you have a labour warranty i.e. should a part become defective you pay only for the part and we make no charge for the labour.

Some items/products may come with a longer warranty.

On Site Warranty Options: With an on-site warranty you are covered at the registered address for a minimum period of 12 months. On reporting a problem a third party engineer will visit you by the next week day. Problems can usually be fixed on the spot. Should your computer require a part that he does not have he will return to his nearest office and return to your site to make the change. more info


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 How can I pay?
  • We accept credit and debit cards (including Solo).
  • We take company and personal cheques, telegraphic transfers and bankers’ drafts.
  • You can also pay cash/cheques direct to our bank account.
  • You can even visit us and pay in person (visits to our office by appointment only).
  • We also offer a transax facility on cheques where we can get them "cleared" over the phone.
  • We are currently working on providing payment plans to spread your payments. New developments will be announced here.

Note: Delivery of goods only on receipt of cleared funds. All goods remain the property of Best Price Computers Ltd till paid for in full. More info


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  When will I get my computer?

With most mail order firms you may find that delivery is not guaranteed for upto 4 weeks. Yes, almost a month! In the fast changing computer market your machine could have devalued by as much as 200 in that time.

Despatched within 3 days: We despatch all computer orders no later than 3 working days from the date of the order. Yes, 3 working days. Delivery is by by courier and should arrive by the next working day. If there is a known delay on a particular product we will tell you before we take your order.

Note: All normal deliveries are made on weekdays - Monday to Friday.  The couriers do not deliver on Sundays. If you require delivery specifically on a Saturday it may be subject to a slightly higher charge. more info


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 And if I'm not happy with my purchase?

However unlikely, if there’s a fault with your machine please talk to us and you’ll be surprised at how quickly we can rectify it.

Replacements for faulty items can usually be had from stock. If we can’t replace your faulty product with a similar one we normally offer you a free upgrade to a better/faster product. But your best safeguard is our:

14 day Money Back Guarantee

Of course, if paying with Visa or Mastercard you will still have all the protection that accompanies purchases with a card.

These guarantees are in addition to your statutory rights.

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 The Bottom Line
  • Competitive Prices

  • Quality Computer Systems

  • 12 months Parts and Labour Warranties

  • Additional 48 months Labour Warranty

  • Option of On-Site Warranty for very reasonable charge

  • Free Lifetime Upgrading (You only pay for the part)

  • Fast Deliveries

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Fast, professional and friendly service

  • Option of buying with or without software/operating system

  • Free unlimited internet help site (with additional on line resources coming soon)


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 Policy on privacy

The information we collect from your browser when you visit this site is done by cookies and is limited to anonymous information on the type of browser used, the resolution of the screen, the operating system etc. This is purely to serve as feedback to enable us to improve this site. We do not collect your name, your email address, or any other personal details.

If you opt in for our email newsletter/s, or otherwise provide us any personal or contact details, this information is treated in the strictest confidence. We do not rent or sell any contact information we have. If you request we will discard any record we have of your email address, or other personal details that you may have provided.

Best Price Computers Ltd has a strict policy against spam. We do not send out unsolicited email at any time. 

Should you have any questions, or wish to be manually removed from an email list, please contact us by email or fax. Contact details


*Everything on this page subject to our standard terms and conditions, copy available on request. These do not affect your statutory rights.




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Winning Company, Choosing a Good PC Supplier, Award Winning Computer Company, UK's Top PC Store, Computer and PC Firms in the UK