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Best Price Computers Ltd is one of the UK's best kept secrets. Our original business was the supply of quality budget computer systems. While we still do these, the company has increasingly been winning awards for the Poweroid brand of PCs at the luxury and performance end of the market.

With our reputation for quality, and the numerous awards we receive from the PC magazines, we have established the company as one of the UK's major players with one major difference. We are not a rich multi-national corporation. We are a group of PC enthusiasts who've turned a hobby into a financially successful business.

We do not stock a wide range of software, or a wide range of peripherals. We don't sell a wide range of components, and don't stock assorted other IT products. But if you are looking for a quality budget PC, or a top notch performance monster, a server, a network or a graphics workstation you've come to the right place.

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