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Poweroid meets the video editing computer requirements of a wide range of customers and provide video editing computer systems to enthusiasts and professionals all over the UK. 

Option 1 - choose a ready made package: Choose a budget video editing computer from the pre-built video editing computer systems we have in our product section. They usually come ready for both analogue and digital video editing. Simply choose a video editing computer, plug in, put on, and start editing.

Option 2 - choose a video editing computer and choose a video editing card: Choose any standard PC in our range and talk to us about adding a dedicated real-time video editing card and software

Professional: Why settle for a video editing computer when we offer a range of video editing dual processor, professional, turnkey workstations. Browse our products for a fast, feature-rich, stable video editing computer or video editing workstation 

If your requirements are unusual, we can build a video editing computer to your specific requirements (minimum order value may apply).

Some Advice:

Choosing your connectors:

You need to decide which of the following you need:

Analogue input
Analogue output
Digital input
Digital output 

Analogue inputs/outputs are like the red, white and yellow sockets (composite) on your TV/VCR. (The red and white handle the sound, the yellow handles the video). Some camcorders have the round S-Video connectors that are also supported by some VCRs but you don't find S-Video inputs on average computers. S-Video handles video only and if you're using S-Video you'll have to use a separate cable to provide audio feed. If you have an older analogue camcorder you will need analogue inputs on your PC. The quality of analogue footage is of course lower than digital. 

Tip: If a computer lists an S-Video socket on the graphics card it's probably only an S-Video out and NOT an S-Video in. However, you do get composite inputs on most professional video editing cards. 

Digital input/outputs (DV) are provided by what's called Firewire i.e. IEEE 1394 ports. You will need this if you wish to transfer footage from a digital camcorder to your PC. Firewire ports can be found on some soundcards (like Creative Audigy 2), are included on most modern motherboards, and if you have neither of these you can add firewire functionality via a PCI Firewire card, which is a lot cheaper than a video editing card. All modern "dedicated" video editing cards provide at least one firewire port. 

Tip: When buying a digital camcorder check that it supports out digital out and digital in. Not all do.

A word in favour of analogue: Note that even if your camcorder is digital you may want analogue connectors on your PC for the following reasons:

1. You may at some point want to connect a TV, VCR etc to the PC. You may want to play footage from the PC on a TV screen.
2. You may not have a digital input on your "digital" camcorder and may need to input analogue signals into your camcorder.
3. You may want to connect other camcorders to your PC
4. You may want to connect other analogue equipment to the PC (to feed in a audio track, for example)

It's always useful to have analogue in and out on your PC. If you don't need it now, the chances are that you'll find you need it at some point, our suggestion is to play safe and have it from the start.

Tip: Convertors like "Scart to composite" are widely available in the market. If you buy such a connector to plug into your TV/VCR then ensure that it has a switch to allow you to select whether you want to use the composite sockets as inputs or outputs.

Tip: If you already have a camcorder that does not have DV in then visit this site: and you may be able to "add" that feature.



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