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Sample Questions

Computer Engineer: We are currently looking for a "Hardware Engineer". To view the job details click here.

Some sample questions: 

These questions were not designed to serve as a test. You do not need to provide us with answers to the questions listed. They have been selected to give you a rough idea of what level of knowledge you need before we can take you on and give you further training. If you need to get outside help with these questions then the chances are you lack the necessary skills/experience. 

If you can answer "Yes" to at least 8 out of the 10 questions on this page, then please contact us with your CV. It doesn't matter if you have no certificates to back up your knowledge. It doesn't matter if you don't have 20 years of experience in a similar position. If you know your stuff we'd like to hear from you. 

Now for the "fun" part:

1. Do you know what the terms "ECC" RAM, "UDMA 66", and "Shareware" mean?

2. Are you capable of installing DOS, and are you familiar with DOS commands like xcopy, chkdsk, deltree, edit and attrib?

3. Have you ever updated or flashed a BIOS?

4. Situation: You have installed a new sound card in your Windows 98 computer. However, the driver disk has no exe or setup file. Do you know how to install the driver from the inf file that's on the driver disk?

5.  Situation: You need to copy a hard disk with Windows 95 installed on it. (Remember: You can't copy all the files over in DOS because the long file names won't get copied over correctly. Also, you can't do a normal copy in Windows Explorer because of the Windows swap file.) Question: Have you ever successfully copied or ghosted a hard disk that had Windows 95 (and several programs) onto another hard disk?

6. Do you know how to start Windows in safe mode?

7. Are you capable of getting a non plug and play modem working in Windows 95, when you don't have a driver disk? 

8. Situation: We present you with a computer that has a blank hard disk, and no operating system on it. Question: Without taking the cover of the computer off will you be able to tell what video card is in the machine?

9. Have you ever installed Windows NT on a PC?

10. When presented with a working computer system, a new 22 GB hard disk and a floppy with the FAT 32 fdisk command, are you capable of partitioning the hard disk into 4 equal partitions?

11. Can you sing?



Sorry, the last one was a trick question. The ordeal ended at number 10 :-)



Yes, I know the answers to at least 8 of the questions above
























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