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Zalman TNN500A Totally No Noise Case

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What we'd like to see in future revisions of this case

1. Protection from prying hands: We'd like Zalman to build some protection to restrict the very easy access to the insides of the PC. And while they are about it an external lock would be nice too.

2. Some more holes in the case. The centre heat sink block that connects to the CPU heat sink can move parallel to the motherboard but can't move closer to or further away from the motherboard. On some motherboards you'll find that the heat pipes just don't reach from the CPU heat sink to the centre heat sink block.

3. It seems a bit mean that products like the ZM-CHPL1 and ZM-VHPD1 are optional. These are heat pipes that you'll need if you are using an Athlon 64 CPU or a more demanding graphics card like the ATI Radeon 9700. We'd like to see them included as standard.

4. While you are about it how about some spare 18" long heat pipes, Zalman? We could cut them to size and bend them to shape to use on PCI cards like the Matrox RT.X100 video editing card. As things stand now there is no way of dispensing with fans that come with some PCI cards. You can only do away with the graphics card fan and CPU fan.

5. Make the case a bit smaller please. We appreciate that a lot of thinking went into the design of this case, that your expert heat engineers worked out the surface area required etc. But please experiment with your radiator fins and try to fit that surface area into the physical size of a large midi-ATX.


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