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What and why?

Dimensions: 286mm x 607mm x 400mm (11.25" x 24" x 15.75")

Weight: 21 kgs (46 lbs) including PSU, various assemblies, hard disk heat sink (ZM-2HC1), bolts, heat pipes, and heat sink blocks. Completely built system will weight about the same in this case as it would on a Thermaltake Xaser III.

Construction: Aluminium, 5-7 mm thick in smooth, black finish.

Door: One in front and one at rear.

Power Supply: 300 watt (with heat dissipated via the case i.e. no fan). Higher wattages are available as options.

Front USB: 2 x USB 2.0 at front provided the motherboard has a USB header. USB ports are hidden behind the door. Cable gaps at the bottom of the case allow USB devices to stay plugged in even when the door is shut.

Expansion: Standard ATX and micro ATX boards up to 4 x 5.25" (according to the listed specs; we found only 3) and 6 x 3.5" devices. "Internal" and "external" is a bit blurred on this case so you can consider them all internal... or all external :-)

Cooling capacity: 

  • CPU Cooler = 150 W/sec

  • VGA Cooler = 50 W/sec

  • Hard Disk cooler = 6 W/sec

Some points to note:

  • The case comes with a variety of extras including extra bolts, nuts and attachments, a detailed manual, and a choice of graphics card heat sinks. There's bound to be one in there to fit most AGP graphics cards in the market today.

  • Some pictures suggest that - in addition to the two handles at the top of the case - there's a handle on each of the doors but some units of the case do not have these handles. The door is still just as easy to open though.

  • The cardboard box and foam that the case comes packaged in is sufficient to keep the empty case safe from all except the most destructive couriers. However, stick a motherboard, CPU, AGP card, all the heat sinks, a hard disk or two and a couple of optical drives, and the weight adds up fast. If you intend shipping a fully built PC in this case it may not take the strain of what the couriers throw at the case. We've developed our own design of packing for this case which is a lot studier and available for purchase as an optional item. Our packing has the added advantage that it's a plain brown box without any Zalman branding, so you're not advertising the fact that there's an expensive computer in the box. More details in due course.

  • You need more than just a screwdriver. The side panels need an Alan key (provided in the package).

  • Zalman says that future options will include: Redundant PSUs, On-board UPS, SDRAM solid state hard disk, No-Fan Amplifier, Power meter, Volt meter, and Security system.


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