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FREE Upgrading for life

Best Price Computers Ltd is unique in offering this service, as far as we know. When you buy a computer from us we will not charge you labour if you ever want the computer upgraded. All we charge you is the cost of the part or parts you want added to your computer.

Most people agree that computers need to be easily upgradeable. Most companies however will charge you a hefty fee to upgrade your computer, irrespective of where you bought it from.

Buy a machine from us and never pay us for the labour spent to upgrade the machine with any of our standard upgrades... for life.

What does it mean?

Why do you offer it?

But do I have to buy the parts from you?

What if I want a part you don't stock?

What if I already have the part I want to upgrade my computer?

Can I buy it from you to fit myself?


What does it mean?

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Our free lifetime upgrading means that whenever you want a standard upgrade to a computer bought from us you pay only for the part and we do the job at no charge.

These upgrades would include, among others, RAM, Hard disks, processors, modems, CD writers, internal Zip drives, video cards,  sound cards, 120 MB Floppy drives, Network cards etc.


Why do you offer it?

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It actually works out cheaper this way. What? Yes. Too often our customers used to take computers to unqualified local "engineers" who'd perform a substandard job reducing the life of the machine, and/or causing other problems with its performance.

When a computer comes back to us it is upgraded swiftly, cheaply, and in a professional manner. We are happy that you will continue to get good service from your machine. You are secure in the knowledge that it has been done to a high level of quality.


Who supplies the parts?

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Whatever your upgrade need you will probably find that we supply the parts necessary for it. Our prices are competitive and of course, you have the reassurance that we use only new and quality parts.

If it is a part we supply we will require you to buy it from us to avail of the free installation.


What if you don't have the part?

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If we don't have the part or parts you need then we may be able to order them in for you. This may not be always possible as sometimes products go out of the market, become superseded by a newer version or are temporarily out of production.


And if I already have the part?

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We advise our customers to be extremely carefully where they buy parts for their computer. If you already have a part bought elsewhere you need to be sure that it is not faulty and will not cause your machine any damage. You can fit these parts in yourself outside the warranty period. As with other suppliers we caution that during the warranty period fitting of third party supplied parts inside your computer will invalidate your warranty. It would not be fair on us if, for example, a faulty part bought elsewhere burnt out and damaged the rest of your computer.


And if I want to do the upgrade myself?

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Upgrades are rarely as straightforward as they seem. Setting it up yourself is bound to take more time than when done by a one of our engineers. And if you run into problems you may not have the diagnostic tools to tell you where the fault is.

Because guiding a customer over the phone through the steps involved in doing his own upgrade actually takes us more time than doing it ourselves we recommend that you have us do the upgrade for you. Any upgrades you undertake yourself will be at your own risk. Like many suppliers we do not supply internal parts for users to fit into their computers off our premises.  It would not be fair on us if, for example, a carelessness on your part damaged other parts of your computer.

Why do something yourself when you can have us do it for free?



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